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I write you today with the highest recommendation of Lori Yadin as a Center for Courage and Renewal Facilitator. In my more than seven years of knowing Lori, professionally and then personally, I have yet to know a more soulful, authentic, and gentle facilitator of safe space for those around her. I met Lori when I was a young professional, finding my way in the non-profit world. In title, Lori was my supervisor. In reality she was my guide, mentor, counselor, and the only person in my professional life who provided safe space for me as a holistic human being. While Lori was my supervisor, she called our designated weekly supervision time, Reflection. Some may enter supervisor meetings with trepidation, however, I looked forward to those times of the week as solace from the hectic pace and daily grind. My soul was never more present in my work than when I was with Lori. She invited it to be present, nurtured its health, and cared deeply about its well-being. Lori's gifts of authenticity, openess, facilitating safe space, and offering true mentorship will serve your work and the purpose of the Center. 

- Rachel Gildiner



Lori was a pioneer in the field of experiential education, long before it had an official designation, developed best-practices, or formal coursework/curriculum. She incepted the notion of creating safe space as an outgrowth of many years of outstanding experiential education and facilitation and it has been a hallmark of her personal style and professional approach for more than two decades that I have had the pleasure of working with her. I would describe Lori's style as inclusive, authentic, holistic, thoughtful, and caring. She brings a combination  of extraordinary experience, considerable education, immense wisdom, and remarkable instinct and intuition to all of her work and the results are nothing short of amazing. 

-Graham Hoffman

Deputy Director of Development



I had the great pleasure of participating in a session led by Lori at a gathering of Young Adullt Professionals and Lay Leaders from around the world to exchchange ideas around innovative community engagement; among other topics. The session was on "Creating Safe Space" and I found the content in Lori's session to be extremely powerful, compelling and dealing with a subject that in my opinion is not talked about and understood as widely as it should be. This topic hit home with me on a very personal level and was relevant at a time when I was embarking on a mission to attempt bridge building between different segments of our community. Bridge building that would undoubtedly have to start with all of the various constituents feeling like they had safe space to come and voice their concerns, hopes and aspirations. I have no doubt that anyone interested in leadership, team buidling and or group dynamics will find Lori's classes extremely worthwhile and valuable. She has my ringing endorsement.

- Alex Rayter


Lori Yadin led a wonderful workshop for The Platforma Summit International Summit for Russian speaking Jewish Community Initiators that was held at Briarcliff Manor, June 6-8, 2014. The Summit was designed to enable participants to develop their community building skills and knowledge, exchange ideas, and form connections that can lead to future collaborations. Lori's workshop entitled, Transformative Facilitation Begins With Your Offer, provided a vital and highly regarded opportunity for all attendants to upgrade their facilitation skills. For many professionals and leaders who attended the workshop offered  more then a skill set - it got them deeply thinking about what kind of conversations they would like to engage with and what is their unique individual offering. The participants, being used to their fast paced mindset of their professional world, were able to take a step back, reflect on their facilitation experiences, and articulate a clear focus for their future work with groups. Lori's extensive professional experience caught the attention of the most demanding audience and her personal attentiveness, accessibility and warmth allowed every single one of the participants to listen and to be truly heard. Beyond the innovative approach she brought to the group, her workshop modeled a successful facilitation session at its very best: the atmosphere was open and friendly, the content was interactive and stimulating, and every detail beginning with hand-written posters to fresh flowers she placed in a vase to make the room more accomodating showcased the work of an inspiring professional and a great person. It is my pleasure to give my warmest recommendation to Lori Yadin as facilitator and educator on all aspects of her expertise. 

- Anna Vanier

Co-Founder Platforma


I had the privilege of meeting Lori and participating in one of her sessions at Platforma Summit. Her positive energy and care for each individual in the room was evident. In the short 90 minutes we spent together, Lori was able to make a meaningful transformation. She opened up my mind and heart and inspired me with everything she shared so openly with us. She makes herself available beyond her workwhop and even though we spent only a short time together, I know that she is there for me with any questions I may have, personal or professional. I highly recommend Lori. 

- Julia Smirnova

MBA/MA, Brandeis University


Note: Soul Searching is a Mentor Curriculum for Adolescents, written by Lori, she has also facilitated a Coach the Mentor training session at the beginning of each of the past four academic years. 


Beginning with my training session to facilitating 'Soul Searching' in my classroom, I've seen firsthand that some individuals can become uncomfortable discussing or hearing sensitive, personal subjects.

Lori's unique approach to Soul Searching is to accept these discomforts, and to  help alleviate them with patience, understanding and acceptance. The program Lori designed allows participants to move at exactly his or her own pace, so everyone feels as though his or her feelings and emotions are valid and worth sharing.

-Marya Slade, Educator, Mentor

Temple Rodef Shalom


As a 7th grade Educator at Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, Virginia, I consider myself privileged to have had Lori Yadin as my mentor coach. Lori's credentials and experience as a longtime mentor coach are impressive. Lori's kind demeanor, understanding, and especially patience, allowed me to easily absorb her advice and guidance toward establishing a healthy and productive mentoring relationship with my students. 

I highly recommend Lori Yadin as a mentor coach to anyone who is interested in establishing a meaningful and high quality mentoring relationship, program, or curriculum for adolescents. 

-Fred Blumenthal


My experience with Lori and life coaching has been extraordinary. I had spent many years investing in understanding my life experiences. Life coaching has provided me with something different.  It has showed me how to use my own "inner wisdom" and to listen deeply to my "own voice" to support my true authentic self,  my life choices and decisions. Lori has helped me define my path by assisting me to "dig deeper" by asking the right questions, intuiting the questions that are within me. The understanding that comes from within has made it much easier to own my feelings and decisions. To move forward with my life with "ownership and acceptance" of myself. I believe that everyone can benefit from gaining a greater understaning of oneself, how we respond to life, and what motivates us. Lori has been a great support and coach!




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