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Creating Safe Space Retreats: 


Give Yourself The Gift of Being Held in Safe Space...

Retreat, Reconnect, Resolve, and Renew 


 Retreats provide the opportunity

to more deeply connect to yourself

in quiet reflection

and in the company of a community

who gather together,

supportive of individual experience and journeys.


In addition to the variety of Retreat offerings open to everyone, Lori also designs retreats that support the specific goals of an organization or group. 


Creating Safe Space retreats embrace the values of: 

respect, acceptance, compassion, inner wisdom, empathy, kindness, diversity, confidentiality, and openness - while balancing togetherness and solitude, sharing and creative expression, sustenance in food and thought.


Retreats are held in environs that nourish the soul's need for simplicity, beauty, space, and time. 


Human potential is filled when we see the opportunity,

set the path and take the first step to

Creating Safe Space for ourselves and others. 


Even a seed is held and nurtured

before breaking new ground. 


Give yourself the gift of safe space and create a life that nourishes mind, body, heart and spirit. 


All Retreats are supported by Creating Safe Space philosophy, The varying themes provide a focus for individual and community relfection and sharing. 


If interested in a Retreat for your organization or group please contact Lori. 


Upcoming Retreats:


July 24 - 26  Blue Hill Maine

Precipice and Promise

Creating Safe Space in Uncertain Times

Contact Lori for details

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