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CIRCLE WORKSHOPS: Communicate So That Others Hear You


There are many meanings attributed to a circle. Perhaps the most universal is inclusiveness and wholeness. The biggest obstacle in team success is communication - not only what we communicate but how we choose to communicate. In environments where messages come across a screen more often than a conversation, the what and how of our communications become ever more critical to moving a project forward while keeping the team together. Circle workshops bring a team together to create a communication strategy that fits the individuals on the team and supports its success.   


Circle Workshops focus is on Creating Safe Space so that Communications are:

  • Clear and Concise

  • In Your Voice

  • Open and Honest

  • Purposeful

  • Relatable 

  • Time Sensitive


These workshops are facilitated for a small group or team of 4 - 12 and can be tailored to the specific needs of your team. Workshops run from 2 - 4 hours to a full day retreat.  



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