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As a consultant my goal is to deeply listen so to gather necessary informaiton, synthesize insights and communicate solutions that enhance management and team performance that will increase productivity and success of the whole of the organization. 


I offer Management Training for visionary leaders that supports the individual, team/department and organization. My philosophy is founded in Human Advocacy, believing that when we satisfy human needs we always obtain greater results because we are supporting those that we are counting on to provide their best everyday. To expect the best, we must also give our best. 


Often managers/supervisors/team leaders need to hone connective skills in emotional intelligence, compassionate listening, empathic response, focused directives and team thought processes to gain the growth and success they are targeting. 


Team Building for optimum performance goes hand in hand with an organization meeting its goals. Too often we compartmentalize the work of individuals and teams rather then understanding them as relational pieces to the whole - Creating a system that communicates; using language, tone, and messaging that is in line with the organizational mission and vision. 


I am available for short and long term consulting initiatives. 



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