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My Life Coaching practice is focused on being a thought partner for Women who have experienced a significant Mid-Life change or challenge to regain stability of mind, body, spirit, and heart build a network of support and live their ideal life. 



It's not a secret that Life surprises us every day - Sometimes with awe and wonder and other times with challenge and loss. With the overflowing basket of responsibilites women carry, we are pulled in many directions, often having to manage more than one problem on multiple fronts day after day.


If you are like me, you might have imagined that reaching our middle years would be the time in our lives when things would be less complicated, more settled and relaxed. That the hard work and love we poured into our home, education, career, children, family, health, and relationships would reap a small reward of feeling content, settled, and grounded. But, Life surprises us every day, and sometimes the changes in our lives are unexpected, unwelcomed, and to be honest disheartening or traumatic. We may find ourselves in a situation we never imagined having to navigate. 


My practice is dedicated to uplifting women by creating a safe space that provides time for sacred listening, asking deep and powerful questions that support reconnection to inner wisdom, opportunities to network with other courageous women, and focus on living a life that is meaningful and fullfilling.


Life surprises us every day and thankfully we have it within ourselves to surprise it right back. Sometimes we just need a little extra help! I look forward to speaking with you and exploring how coaching can be the step that illuminates your life.    



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